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How do I become a Pilot in Canada?

This is the big one! And there’s actually quite a lot to it, so visit our ‘Learn to Fly In Canada’ guide here.

When can I start training with Airhart? 

We do not have a set intake date. You can start whenever it is convenient, schedule allowing.

If you decide to enroll with us, we will send you all the forms/paperwork we need from you to get you started.  

We fly year-round, however if the temperatures start dropping close to 0C we can’t really continue flying floats even if the lake is not frozen. So it just depends on the conditions.

If you are interested in training with us, simply send us an email with your contact details, the program you are interested in, what licensing you currently have, if any, and your preferred start date – one of our instructors will then be in touch with you to get you started.

Can you help me get a visa?

Unfortunately no. You will have to make your own arrangements for a visa and then contact us for training.

For our guidelines on how to come to train in Canada, please visit our Foreign License Conversion page.

How much time for float training do students average before they can solo with passengers

Solo flying with passengers for float training typically require about 25 hr – but at sole discretion of the flight instructor, so a bit subjective

What are the additional costs aside from training?

You can see our pricing breakdowns for the PPL training online here, and CPL here, which includes expected costs for books/supplies etc. 

Additional costs you can expect are aviation medical, online ground school, English proficiency testing (if required), license fees and exam fee; for all of these you should expect to budget an additional $1500 – $2000 on top of the fees listed on our site. 

The class 3 or 1 Medical will usually cost between 100 – 250$ depending on which medical you are applying for and the medical provider – you can find a list of approved providers local to you here.

We recommend the following online ground schools which each have their own pricing options: 



The Flight Test fee for the PPL is $300 and CPL is $400 – this does not include the cost of the plane rental for the test. 

Student Pilot Permit: $80

The written exams (PPL & CPL) are each $180.

These are rough estimates and we generally recommend that you err on the side of caution and budget for the higher end. 

Can I transfer from another school?

We can add any training completed to your PTR. The previous training on your PTR needs to be signed off on by your school before we can make any entries to it. 

If you have your flying documents (medical, radio license, pilot permit etc) bring all that in with you. If you could specify how much flying experience you have (number of hours, plane type) that would be helpful. 

What is the temperature cut off point?

The temperature cut off point is usually about 38C and we cannot fly the floats below 0C. 

Can I fly multiple times a day?

We cannot guarantee multiple flights per day as our aircraft are used for sightseeing tours, charters and by other students for training – in saying that, we do occasionally make exceptions, schedule allowing, for students with limited availability/flexibility. 

Do you fly floats all year round?

Typically we try our best to fly all year round, but the seaplanes come with some limitations. If the temperatures drop below 0C we can’t really continue flying floats even if the lake is not frozen. In other words – it depends on the weather conditions. If you’re looking to get your Float rating, we generally start to pick up end of February/beginning of March (Jan-Feb are usually the coldest months).

Are there any age limits?

You can start flying on a student pilot permit at 14, but you must be 17 before you can apply for a Private Pilot’s License. You must be at least 21 to get your ATPL.

Medical requirements for people above 60 are a little different – a medical exam by a Civil Aviation Medical Examiner must be completed every 6 months (the standard is every year for a class 1 and every 5 years for a class 3).