Recreational Permit

Fly for Fun in Canada!


The RPP allows you to fly a basic single-engine aircraft with one passenger within Canada during daylight hours only.


Candidate must be at least 14 years of age to fly solo and 16 to receive a RPP. The permit requires you to have at least a Category 4 Medical Certificate completed by your family doctor and reviewed by Transport Canada. Although you don’t need a medical to begin training, you must have one prior to solo flight. It’s a good idea to book your medical exam as soon as possible


Training is at the student’s pace and convenience.

A minimum of 25 hours of in-flight training, including both dual instruction and solo time. The national average is over 45 hours of flight time to complete the RPP training.

Knowledge Requirements

There are no Transport Canada minimums for ground school for the RPP, but you must be able to pass a Transport Canada written exam. Ground school is completed online independently through, or, and through one-on-one coaching with our instructors.


You will need to complete the PSTAR air regulation exam, Radiotelephone Operator’s Restricted Certificate and the Aviation Language Proficiency Demonstration (If applicable).
The applicant will need to pass a Transport Canada written exam within 24 months prior to applying for the licence. And a flight test within 12 months prior to applying for the licence.

Cost Break-down

The total cost of the course is $14,000 + GST. Based on reaching the Transport Canada minimum requirements for the Instructor Rating. The average individual may not complete the rating in the Transport Canada Minimum time stated above.

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