Gain confidence in your flying by learning how to fly a tailwheel


Gain confidence in your flying by learning to fly a tailwheel.

Tail Wheel training will be conducted in our Cessna 180. Flight time is based on the average student and totals approximately 10 hours.


Must have at minimum a student pilot permit. All training will be dual only.

Flight Training Requirements

10 hrs of advanced dual flight instruction
3 hrs of Preparatory Ground Instruction


Training is at the student’s pace and convenience.
The course will take 1 week full-time or 2 weeks part-time. (3 lessons/week).

Cost Breakdown

Dual training rate: $425/Hr

Fee breakdown:
Aircraft rental: $365/hr, total $3,620
Instructor fee $60/hr, total $600

3 hours ground briefing $60/hr, total $180

Estimated total: $4,430 + GST.

tailwheel plane in flight from below