Alpine Lakes

Get High, Be Cool

Welcome Adventurers. You are in good company.

We’ve got remote. We’ve got wild. We’ve got peaceful, quiet, secluded. And we’ve got a damn cool way to get you there. The Airhart Aviators are always excited to share their adventurous lifestyle with fellow outdoor enthusiasts, so if you just want to experience an Alpine Lake and Glacier by float plane, we’ve got you covered. But maybe you want more? What about a fishing trip, or overnight camping? Our floatplanes can get you there too. We have set tour packages and lots of offerings to mix-and-match and create your own custom British Columbia Adventure.

The Monashees

A Glacier & An Alpine lake

Time: 120 mins
Price: $1199 per tour
Capacity: up to 3 passengers.

Enjoy our breathtaking flight into the heart of the Monashees. Soar by mountain peaks, alpine lakes, and waterfalls. Your tour will overfly the majestic Cranberry & Blanket glacier and after your scenic flight you will land on an alpine lake nestled in the Monashees surrounded by nature. The pilot will park the plane on a beach and let you enjoy the sights for 15 mins before starting back up and flying back to downtown Kelowna