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Our floatplane ratings offer you the ability to operate a floatplane. We offer multiple courses to get you there. The floatplane rating is an add-on to your current licensing. If you do not already have a PPL or CPL license, check out our course pages for PPL and CPL for course breakdowns. It is possible to complete your PPL/CPL on floats or as part of a blended program on both float and wheel planes.

What We Offer

7 Hour Basic

The 7 hour is the bare minimum that you need for a float rating. This will get you proficient in take-offs, landings, taxiing and docking on floats. The cost for the 7-hour floatplane rating is $3,370* plus 5% GST. The 7 hour rating breakdown is as follows:

1 Hour Preparatory Ground Instruction $60/hr
6 Hours of Dual flight instruction
1 Hour of Solo Flight Instruction

*Fees are broken down as follows:
Aircraft rental, including fuel and other associated costs: $2,830
6 hours in flight instruction $60/hr: $360.00
1 hour ground brief: $60.00
2 hours total additional ground brief per flight: $120


The 15-hour course is the course for you if you want to take our planes solo further than the Okanagan. If you want to take your family for a flight up to the Shuswap on a hot July day this is the course for you. Finish your rating then add 8 hours! The 15-hour course includes the 7-hour basic rating plus and the cost is $7,230* + GST.

3 Hours Preparatory Ground Instruction
13 Hours of Dual Flight Instruction
2 Hours of Solo Flight Instruction

*Fees are broken down as follows:
Aircraft rental, including fuel and other associated costs: $6,090
13 hours in flight instruction: $780.00
3 hour ground brief: $180.00
3 hour total additional ground briefings per flight: $180.00


It is also possible to complete your PPL/CPL license on floats or build hours for the PPL/CPL exam requirements on Floats.

50 hour Professional Mountain Flying

Many floatplane schools do not offer true solo hours as part of their 50-hour program. This is because insurance premiums skyrocket as a result. However, at Airhart, we believe learning to fly solo with confidence is an important element of the learning process. The confidence gained by flying many solo hours will prepare you for the real world far more than having the safety net of an instructor along for the ride. PIC is not the same as solo.

Completed within 1-2 months full time or 2-3 months part-time. Most of our students do 25 dual/25 solo.

25 Hrs of Dual Flight Instruction
25 Hrs of Solo Flight Instruction
5 Hrs of Briefing

Fee breakdown:
The cost estimate for the 50 hour is dependant on your choice of aircraft and ratio of dual to solo hours.

Cost of aircraft rental is dependant on the hourly solo rates + fuel surcharge for the aircraft you train on. For the 50 hour this could be a combination of our 180 and our 172. Rental rates for the 50 hour range from $18,000 – $21,000.

Instruction fees:
25 hours in flight instruction $60/hr: $1500.00
12 hours total ground instruction on average (this includes the 5 hours mentioned above and additional briefings for your dual flights) $740.00

snowcapped mountains from a floatplane

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