Private Pilots License

The first step on your Aviation Career!
Private Pilots License


The Private Pilots License is the first step to your aviation career (or hobby!). With the PPL, you can fly seaplanes and landplanes for fun! A Private Pilot Licence allows you to fly single-engine, non-high-performance aircraft with passengers. This is the prerequisite to the Commercial Pilot Licence.  Add ratings to fly at night, above the clouds, or even multi-engine! (view the ratings page here for more information).

inside of a cessna cockpit


FKXW float plane and passengers on a beach

Candidates for the Private Pilots Licence must be at least 14 years old to fly solo and 17 years old at the completion of the licence. This licence requires you to have a Category 3 medical certificate issued by Transport Canada. Although you don’t need a medical to begin training, you must have either a Category 1 or 3 prior to solo flight. It’s recommended you get a medical evaluation done as soon as possible when starting training.

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You never know until you try – a discovery flight is a great way to test the waters and see if flying is the right choice for you. Discovery flights total an hour of flight time, plus pre and post briefing.

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Training is at the student’s pace and convenience. Expect to budget 3-4 months full-time, or 6+ months part-time (1-2 months Accelerated Program).


Dual Flight Time17
Dual Cross Country 3
Dual Instrument Time5
Solo Hours12
Solo Cross Country5
150 nm Solo Cross country/

Knowledge Requirements

A minimum of 40 hours of ground school. The applicant must complete an online ground school independently with either or


The applicant will need to pass a Transport Canada written exam within 24 months prior to applying for the licence, and successful completion of a flight test within 12 months prior to applying for the licence.
Important: Airhart Aviation does not provide a complete ground school program, so it is very important to keep in mind that studying for the test is self-guided and fully the responsibility of the student.

Cost Break-down

Cessna 172XP Seaplane

$19,210.00 + GST

25 hrs Dual flight instruction:
– Aircraft Rental @ $325.00/h$8,125
– Instructor Fees: $60/hr$1,500
20 hrs Solo flight $325.00/hr $6,500
17 hrs Briefing $60.00/hr* $1,020
Fuel Surcharge $37.00/hr $1,665**
Supplies and Pilot Kit $400

Cessna 172M Landplane

$16,295.00 + GST

25 hrs Dual flight instruction*:
– Aircraft Rental @ $260.00/h$6,500
– Instructor Fees: $60/hr$1,500
20 hrs Solo flight $260.00/hr $5,200
17 hrs Briefing $60.00/hr $1,020
Fuel Surcharge $37.00/hr $1,665**
Supplies and Pilot Kit $400

**All hourly rates include an additional fuel surcharge of $37/hr
*All dual instruction includes an additional 0.3 hrs of ground briefing. This number is reflective of this + additional longer briefings for more advanced ground prep such as navigation.

The prices above are based on reaching the Transport Canada minimum requirements for the PPL. The average individual may not complete the PPL in the minimum time stated above. The average cost is between $16,295-$19,000 in Landplanes and $19,200-$22,000 in Seaplanes.

Students should be aware when budgeting for their training that every student is different and the number of solo vs dual hours at PPL level is heavily dependant on the amount of independent preparation the student conducts as well as natural skill level. We strive to have students test ready as close to the minimums as possible, and students should strive to be realistic about the number of hours they can expect to get solo.

Students may choose to complete their PPL training primarily on Seaplane or Landplane, or a mixture of both.

Extra Fees include aviation medical, online ground school, English proficiency testing (if required), licence fees and exams.