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Class 4 Instructor Rating

The first step to teaching your passion


Teach people to become Private and Commercial Pilots! The Class IV Instructor rating allows you to conduct flight training private and commercial licenses, night ratings and VFR-OTT to students under the supervision of a Class I or Class II Flight Instructor. This is an excellent choice for your first pilot job in aviation and can help to open doors to career progression. As you gain experience and ‘recommends’ you can upgrade your rating to Class III, Class II and eventually Class I.

Instruction can be a personally rewarding experience if you have a passion for both aviation and teaching. There is also a constant demand for qualified flight instructors across Canada and it’s a great way to advance your aviation career and open up new opportunities.


Commercial Pilot Licence
18 years of age
Canadian Class 1 medical


Training is at the student’s pace and convenience. Instructor Ratings typically take 2 months, and are subject to availability – so the sooner you express your interest, the sooner we can get you going!


30 hours of in-flight dual instruction

Knowledge Requirements

25 hours of preparatory ground instruction. We offer one-on-one coaching with our Class 1 Instructor


The applicant will need to pass a Transport Canada written exam and flight test

Cost Break-down

The total cost of the course is $15,960 + GST. Based on reaching the Transport Canada minimum requirements for the Instructor Rating. The average individual may not complete the rating in the Transport Canada Minimum time stated above.

Fee breakdown is as follows:
Aircraft rental costs: $12,660
30 hours in flight tuition at $60/hr: $1800
25 hours ground briefing at $60/hr: $1500

The course will be conducted on a combination of the listed aircraft:
Cessna 180 Seaplane
Cessna 172XP Seaplane
Maule Mx7 Super Rocket
Cessna 182 Landplane

Extra Fees include aviation medical, textbooks, online ground school, English proficiency testing (if required), licence fees and exams.

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