Into the Valhallas

Experience the magnificence of the Valhalla Range

Tour Stats

Tour Length: 120-140 mins

Max Passengers: 3

Cost: $1499

Spice Things Up!

If you would like to make your tour even more spectacular, check out our available add ons.

Want to see even bigger, more remote mountain peaks? Embark on our flight into the beautiful valhalla mountain range. This flight will leave the Okanagan valley, pass by world class bigwhite ski resort, overfly the Arrow lake into the beautiful Slocan valley. From here we will land in the Majestics mountain peaks on a lake 5000ft up in the mountains. Enjoy your very own private mountain lake. Here we offer fishing, hot tub or catered food.

Contact our office to have us put together a quote for you. 

5-6 hours total time


More Time to Relax

+ $100 /hr

There a multiple add-on options to choose from. Maybe you want more time to soak in the views, or you anticipate a rumbling tummy with all that fresh mountain air. Choose from a range of options and make sure to indicate during your booking what you would like to include. Details for what the options include are below.

More Time

Sometimes you just want to take a little more time to stand and stare. We get it, our float planes can take you to some pretty awe-inspiring places. Hop off the plane and go for a wander on the beach, in a forest, check out that waterfall, or simply kick back on the water for a little longer.