On many occasions, our company has used Air-Hart Aviation. One special trip comes to mind. I had to attend a crucial business meeting in downtown Vancouver. I needed to be at the meeting at 9:30 am and back in Kelowna for a 2:30 pm appointment. Air-Hart flew me from the Grand Hotel in Kelowna to the Pan Pacific Hotel in the Vancouver harbour in one-and-a-half hour. I had my meeting, and he was able to get me back to Kelowna in time for my early afternoon appointment. In addition, we had a spectacular flight over the mountains, and the flight alone was worth the trip. It would have been impossible to get to both meetings using commercial flights and taxis. The cost of the charter, even flying as a single passenger, was cheaper than commercial flying and the time missed by waiting for the airline’s return schedule. Anyone flying or driving to the coast, either Vancouver or especially Vancouver Island should fly as a charter instead. The time and money saved is considerable and the flight is truly awe-inspiring.

Raymond F. Olerich
CEO, Global Explorer