RATED TO FLY A FLOAT PLANE!! I recently attended Air-hart Aviation for my Commercial Pilot License. I was able to go from an uncurrent private pilot, to a seaplane rated, Canadian Commercial pilot in under 4 months. I learned fly in the mountains, and experience everything from a Class D control zone at Kelowna International, to choosing my own landing sites on remote lakes, rivers and coastal waters. I especially enjoyed gaining the experience of docking at busy commercial seaplane bases. The instructors were very knowledgeable, and supportive as I trained with them, I also felt very comfortable and safe learning to fly in their well maintained aircraft, and facilities. Continuing on in my aviation career, I have realized how much my float plane experience has made me stand out in the competitive hiring process for new pilots. I highly recommend this school if you are serious about pursuing a career in aviation, or looking to achieve your float rating.

Laura 02/15/22