Float Adventures

Let Your Dreams Take Flight

Amazing. 10/10 Would Recommend.

This school and the group of people running it are absolutely incredible! Everyone was so welcoming and genuine right from the start. They are all so knowledgeable and made learning a ton of fun. They are flexible and super accommodating, very reasonable prices too. To anyone interested in pursuing their pilot dreams, float rating, or a day trip adventure, go to Airhart!! I can’t recommend this place enough. You won’t be disappointed. Shout out to the team for providing such a good experience throughout my PPL training!

Dani, April 2021

I learned so much with my training through Airhart

I highly recommend this school for float ratings, private and commercial licenses, or just a lovely float plane flight around the gorgeous Okanagan! I learned so much with my training through Airhart, it is definitely the school to attend for flight training that will benefit you in any aviation career path.

Anne B, March 2022

Super nice, friendly and professional staff

Super nice, friendly and professional staff.I enjoyed so much during my training for float rating here.You can also enjoy the beautiful city and Okanagan lake in Kelowna during your stay as well.If you want to take any training on float or for tour flight, this is the place you should come.I strongly recommend this place.Thanks to all the staff from Air Hart aviation for the best service

Gyu Sik Kim, 2021

Air Hart is certainly the best place in Canada to get a float rating

Air Hart is certainly the best place in Canada to get a float rating, and one of the only places to get primary instruction on a float plane.

Professional and safe pilots. Planes are in impeccable condition. Air Hart employees some amazing and experienced pilots. I did a 50 hour float course with Kyle and I’ve probably learned more from him in those 50 hours than I’ve learned in my thousands of hours at an airline.

I can’t recommend Air Hart enough!

Arie Moldvan, 2020

I highly Recommend this School

RATED TO FLY A FLOAT PLANE!! I recently attended Air-hart Aviation for my Commercial Pilot License. I was able to go from an uncurrent private pilot, to a seaplane rated, Canadian Commercial pilot in under 4 months. I learned fly in the mountains, and experience everything from a Class D control zone at Kelowna International, to choosing my own landing sites on remote lakes, rivers and coastal waters. I especially enjoyed gaining the experience of docking at busy commercial seaplane bases. The instructors were very knowledgeable, and supportive as I trained with them, I also felt very comfortable and safe learning to fly in their well maintained aircraft, and facilities. Continuing on in my aviation career, I have realized how much my float plane experience has made me stand out in the competitive hiring process for new pilots. I highly recommend this school if you are serious about pursuing a career in aviation, or looking to achieve your float rating.

Laura 02/15/22

What a Stellar Experience!

Where to start! What a stellar experience. I drove 16 hours to come do my float plane training with these guys because of their reputation and their location. What is better than flying a float plane around the Okanagan valley?? I took their 15 hour “float proficiency” course and took away so many new skills and experiences. Not only were both of my instructors (Braden and Guillaume) super knowledgeable, they were also just easy to get along with and made the experience really fun. Pro Tip: Book your flights early in the day to leave lots of time for afternoon beers at all the great breweries in the area.

Fraser, 04/27/22