Mountain Flying Course

The Okanagan has weather, water and mountains to offer in the way of flying challenges, and they are challenges that requires a thorough understanding of the environment. Once you have a PPL or CPL, the mountains of B.C. provide some of the most breathtaking scenery to the pilot. However flying in the mountains is an activity that requires respect and understanding to ensure you are safe.
Air-Hart Aviation requires that anyone renting a club landplane aircraft must have completed a mountain flying course before flying into mountainous areas. This course includes briefing on weather, navigation and maneuvering in the mountains as well as specific decision-making challenges that you need to be prepared for.
Ground school covering:
Mountain Meteorology
Aircraft Performance
Navigation and Flight Planning
Emergency Considerations and Survival Equipment
Slow Flight in Multiple Configurations
Unusual Attitude Recovery
Turning Stalls
Crossing Ridges
Dealing with High Density Altitude
Mountain Wave
Updrafts, Downdrafts
Confined Area Takeoffs and Landings 

 Flight time will include a local flight to experience ridge crossings and apply lessons learned in ground training. You will also be required to do a cross-country flight through passes and canyons.
Mountain Flying Course Cessna 172 XP Cessna 180 Cessna 150 Lanplane
5 hrs of Dual flight instruction $1,395 $1,775  $875
3 hrs Ground Briefing  $165 $165  $150
1 hr pre/post Brief $55 $55  $50
TOTAL $1,615 $1,995  $1,075

Prices do not include tax.These are the minimum hours quoted. For those students or renters that have no mountain experience, more hours may be required.