Foreign Students

If you are a non-Canadian and are considering enrolling in one of Air-Hart's pilot programs, you must meet some important immigration requirements.  If you are not a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, you must obtaina student authorization visa.

A student authorization form is issued by an immigration officer at any Canadian visa office.  It allows you, after your admittance, to remain in Canada for formal flight training.  Husbands and wives of holders of a valid student authorization are eligible for an open employment authorization (provided they are not full time students themselves) to enable them to take up employment in Canada.  This can be obtained only after arrival in Canada.

To apply for authorization you must have a valid passport, proof of funding to support yourself while in Canada, a letter of acceptance from Air-Hart Aviation and an application fee and form for Immigration Canada.  We encourage students to refer to the booklet "Entering Canada to Study or To Work," which is available from any Canada Customs office, Canadian Consulate or by contacting: Revenue Canada, Customs & Excise, Travellers Directorate, MacKenzie Ave., Ottawa, ON KIA 0L5 CANADA.


Transport Canada will now issue a Limited Term Pilot License and Medical Certificate (LTPL/MC).  This must be completed for float endorsement.The LTPL/MC is based on a valid foreign pilot license and the medical document validating that license.  As a result this will permit foreign pilot license holders to fly in Canadian registered aircraft internationally for private recreational purposes (such as hour building).  The holder of this license may act as pilot-in-command or co-pilot of any aircraft for the sole purpose of his or her own flight training or flight test.  The LTPL/MC shall not exceed 90 days and may only be issued to an applicant once in any 12 month period.  There is a $25 licensing fee payable to Transport Canada.To be admitted to Canada , an international student will not require a Canadian Student Visa from the Canadian Immigration Authorities if the length of stay in Canada and training program is less than six months duration. For studies of less than six months, you can enter Canada as a Visitor.

Some countries require a Visitor's Visa to enter Canada . Some do not. Students should visit the following site for information on which countries require a visitor's visa: or contact their nearest Canadian embassy or consulate or their travel agent. Students do not require a formal letter of acceptance from the school. We recommend you advise us of your arrival date so that we may plan your bookings.

A student visa is required for all programs/courses of more than six months duration. The following links provide specific information required by the student:

One of the requirements for the application to obtain a student visa to immigration authorities is an original Letter of Acceptance from a Canadian school. Letters of Acceptance from Air-Hart Aviation are issued upon receipt of the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Telephone
  4. Email contact
  5. Emergency contact
  6. Date and Place of Birth
  7. Expected date of arrival in Canada
  8. Expected duration of stay in Canada
  9. Courses applied for

Students will be required to provide the Canadian Immigration officials with proof of available financing for their program of study and living expenses in Canada . As a rule of thumb, students should budget a minimum of $10,000 for living expenses per year.

Students are advised that some countries may take up to 90 days to process the required documentation and that delays may be encountered if the student does submit all required documentation to the immigration authorities.

Generally, based on full time study, allow the following timeframes to complete a course:

  • Private Pilot Licence – minimum of two months (student must be highly proficient and encounter no weather disruptions or delays). Four months is recommended
  • Commercial Pilot Licence – assuming the student holds the PPL and requires approximately 150 hours of flying, allow four months assuming no weather disruptions or delays; again, student must be highly proficient). Six months is recommended

The time of year will also affect student completion times. For instance, Air-Hart is closed December and January.

Students are strongly advised to contact their local civil aviation office to confirm the requirements for the Canadian licenses to be converted to a license in their country of origin. Canada is an ICAO country and meets the ICAO standards. Requirements for the conversion of foreign licenses to Canadian licenses should be confirmed with Transport Canada ( ) or the local civil aviation authorities. Generally, for a foreign commercial license to be converted to a Canadian Commercial License, the student must meet the requirements of the Canadian License in terms of time, experience, instrument and cross country time as well as do the Canadian written examination and flight test. For the PPL, the conversion to a Canadian license often involves no more than a Canadian medical, the presolo written test and the foreign PPL. However, some countries may be different. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure they meet the licensing requirements of their country of origin.

Prior to issuing a "proof of unconditional acceptance" letter to Immigration Canada, PFC will require the following:

  • Minimum age 19 or completion of high school

    Valid Category 1 or 3 Medical (every ICAO country has medical examiners approved by Transport Canada to conduct pilot examinations)

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If you are from a Commonwealth country, you can work in Canada under the "Work Holiday Visa" and there is no need to be sponsored by an employer. For details CLICK HERE